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Car Clean-up


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Mobile Detailing Servicing Western Washington.

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Our guarantees to you

-Painless insurance process.
-Negotiable deductible.
-Free estimate and evaluation.
-Highly experienced and professional crew.
-Prioritized discretion, unmarked vehicles.
-We beat our competition by substantial margins AND we outperform, we aren't a corporation or thinly extended big business that needs to cut corners. 


Class 1 Package: $199

2 Seater

2-seater cars, regular cab pick-up

Class 2 Package: $299

4 Seater

4-seater cars, crew or king pick-up

Class 3 Package: $399


Minivan, SUVs

Our interior detailing packages includes:
​- Trash Removal
- Taking Seats Out / Putting Them In 
- Initial Vacuum
- Wipe Down
- Final Vacuum
- Shampoo Extraction
- Ventilation Sterilization
- Cabin Air Filter Replacement (If Provided)
- General Sterilization & Deodorization
- Material Conditioning 
Optional Additions
- Excess Dog Hair, $100
- Excess Trash, $25
- Excess Filth or Stain Removal, $100
- Cigarette Smoke Deodorization, starts at $200
- Botanical Solution, +20%
Car Bodily Fluids Clean-up


Car Blood Clean-up


Vehicle Interior Detailing
Car Interior Detailing
car detailing
Vehicle Detailing

Our payment process

Your site's damage may or may not be covered by your homeowners, renters or auto insurance provider, we recommend you contact your insurance provider to see if the damage is covered in your plan if you have any questions. If it is, you can give us your adjusters contact information and claim number and we will work directly with your adjuster to save you the headache of being the intermediary between two parties. Deductible almost always waived depending on the scope of work, especially in cases wherein you refer us to your adjuster or agent.
If you are paying yourself, we accept debit/credit payments on site after completion of the agreed upon scope of work. We also accept checks made to Clean Scenes, LLC in a similar manner. Our billing is transparent according to our quote and agreed upon scope of work. In cases where the damage extends beyond the initial assessment and quote given, we reserve the right to adjust our quote within reason should the site require significantly more work than determined by our initial and often virtual assessment. For those who need them, we are willing to work out payment plans, ask us for details on this.
Clean Scenes is fully mobile, we come straight to you! No need to bring your car to a shop and wait around while its worked on, we prioritize your convenience by coming straight to you and beating our competitors service with comparable rates. We're a Biohazard company, so we'll detail your car with all the care required in a Biohazard for a truly detailed interior cleaning experience.
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