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The circumstances surrounding deaths are both tragic and traumatic, and more - incredibly demanding. It is for that reason Clean Scenes is dedicated to providing industry leading service and the highest degree of professionalism when it is needed most. We're here for you every step of the way, with emergency rapid response and working directly with the insurance so as to take an unnecessary burden and stress off of your shoulders.

Unattended death poses a unique challenge to the remediation process, it can seem like a nightmare on top of all the preexisting stress and trauma for those affected - but with Clean Scenes on site, the unattended deaths remediation process will be as efficient and seamless as possible. The circumstances surrounding unattended death often implicate a larger time frame within which the body of the deceased could naturally decompose, this extended period of decomposition allows blood and bodily fluids to seep into and saturate carpets, flooring, subflooring, furniture and sometimes even walls - this can cause more extensive damage that needs an experienced technician's touch. Furthermore, bodies naturally off-gas as they decompose, these are gases like cadaverine and putrescine, produced by our bodies breaking down carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids after death - this results in the characteristic, and often psychologically traumatizing smell associated with death, so deodorization along with sterilization of the sites walls, ceilings and furniture becomes a massively important step of the process. These are issues more characteristic of unattended death opposed to other deaths, which is why seasoned professionals are a necessity.

The blood and bodily fluids involved with the human decomposition in an unattended death are considered biohazardous, as in they pose a threat to human health. Blood in particular is known to carry and spread pathogens in it, known as bloodborne pathogens. The most common of which are HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Professional attention is key in dealing with such pathogens, which is why Clean Scenes is dedicated to unyielding expertise and proficiency in our industry. All of our technicians are certified in handling both bloodborne and airborne pathogens.


Clean Scenes specializes in unattended death, biohazard remediation and a number of other after death clean up services, we have crews available 24/7/365 and can be anywhere in Washington or Oregon in a matter of hours - a rapid response is key for both treating the contamination most efficiently and for the relief of those involved. 

At Clean Scenes, our experience with unattended death, and biohazard remediation generally, lends itself to any and all circumstances, this means our expertise can be tailored to meet the needs of any situation we may be called upon to service - we do not send unskilled laborers to your site, we send technicians alongside a highly experienced lead.

Our payment process

Most bioremediation and unattended death sites will be covered by homeowners' insurance, renters insurance or auto insurance. After we get some information about your claim or you put in contact with your adjuster - we will work directly with your insurance to make the process as simple as possible and to alleviate the unneeded stresses and burdens of dealing with your insurance. We understand that these are the last things our clients need to worry about when dealing with these situations so we aim to make it seamless and easy.

In some cases, depending on the scope of work we waive the deductible. In cases where the coverage is limited or financial difficulties are a problem, we offer methods to ease the financial burden on the family or affected parties.

We do not charge exacerbated rates to stay afloat like our competition, however we also aren't a massive corporation that needs to cut corners to save money - by hiring Clean Scenes you truly get the best of both worlds, seasoned professionals with years of experience and the best prices in the industry.

Our guarantees to you

-Painless insurance process.
-Negotiable deductible.
-Free estimate and evaluation.
-Highly experienced and professional crew.
-Prioritized discretion, unmarked vehicles.
-We beat our competition by substantial margins AND we outperform, we aren't a corporation or thinly extended big business that needs to cut corners. 

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