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When vehicles are stolen, they are often contaminated with drug residues, most often meth or fentanyl, the thieves tend to steal a vehicle, use drugs in the stolen vehicle, and later abandon it. The vehicles are often recovered, but they're left trashed, with drug paraphernalia and contamination saturating the vehicles porous surfaces to varying degrees.

This is where we come in. Our vehicle remediation process is incredibly thorough and powerful, it can bring a vehicle from the edge of having to be condemned to as clean as the day you bought it - saving both public clients and insurance companies thousands. 

Based on a given situations context (like how long it was stolen), we can determine whether a test is even necessary, potentially saving our clients' money, and if we do test - we can determine whether the vehicle is remediable and what the best course of action for it is. Then we schedule either coming to the vehicle's location, or having it towed to our site, where the remediation will be performed.

Because of the high degree of variance, we cannot give exact prices or approximate estimates, we can however, after assessing the details, give our clients a price range that we find is likely for the vehicle to fall under.


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The process

To set up and schedule your vehicles remediation:


  • Call us, or fill out the inquiry form at the top of this page, describing the service you need.

  • We will assess your situation and determine the best course of action.

  • We give you a ranged quote if desired.

  • We will schedule for and arrange for either you to be able to have your vehicle towed to our location, or for us to come to your site, provided certain conditions are met (such as sufficient workspace).

  • We come out and perform the remediation or test!

  • If a test and remediation is needed, we will come out and test the vehicle, after which we will analyze the results and write you a brief report detailing the recommended course of action.

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Our guarantees to you

-Painless insurance process.
-Negotiable deductible.
-Free estimate and evaluation.
-Highly experienced and professional crew.
-Prioritized discretion, unmarked vehicles.
-We beat our competition by substantial margins AND we outperform, we aren't a corporation or thinly extended big business that needs to cut corners. 

Our payment process

Vehicle theft and the damages incurred thereby are generally covered by insurance, if your plans coverage extends to vehicle theft and the damages caused during the theft, open a claim and give us your insurance adjusters contact information. From here we can work directly with your insurance to get the whole process taken care of and paid for, and in some cases we may be able to waive the deductible!

We work with a great deal of insurance adjusters on cases of stolen vehicles in need of remediation, as well as for ones in need of testing for drug residues. If you're looking for a company to provide these services on standby - don't hesitate to reach out, we offer special rates for consistent partners.

Remediation will be invoiced to the appropriate receptor upon completion, payment is due within 14 days of invoicing.

In any case, our prices are the best in the industry and you're getting industry leading professionalism and proficiency in the remediation of your vehicle! In cases of financial difficulty, let us know, we may be able to come to an arrangement to ease your financial burden.


We do not charge exacerbated rates to stay afloat like our competition, however we also aren't a massive corporation that needs to cut corners to save money - by hiring Clean Scenes you truly get the best of both worlds, seasoned professionals with years of experience and the best prices in the industry.

We offer drug contamination testing services both as a standalone service as well as in conjunction with the vehicle's remediation, in which case we apply a $99 discount off of the remediation charge.


We primarily test for either meth, fentanyl or both. We work with a local lab that gets us the results typically within a week, we analyze the results and determine the best course of action for your vehicle from there, formally relayed to our clients in the form of a written report.


Auto-body shops, dealerships and insurance adjusters are often the ones who are stuck with contaminated vehicles brought in by their clients, shops and dealerships aren't equipped to handle anything biohazardous, this would be a major risk without proper training and certification, given the layman is liable to cross-contaminate, poorly remediate and is likely to expose themselves to the biohazardous substance they're cleaning up. 

Again, this is where we come in. We partner with shops, dealerships and insurance adjusters, offering consistent client's exclusive rates in respect to continued business. We already work extensively with a solid network of the like, and we openly welcome anyone in need of our services into the Clean Scenes family!

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