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CALL NOW FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE:         (253) 355-0759

We charge a daily rate 0f $4999 for house projects so that you can exercise more control over the progress of your site, each day includes 3-5 technicians on site and 8 hours of labor per technician for a minimum of 24 hours on labor on-site each day. There are additional fees for dump runs according to tonnage, alternatively our clients can save money and order a dumpster for our use on site.

Hoarding sites can and do pose a number of dangers and biological hazards. Among which are: mold, mildew, dust, rotten food, animal waste and sharps. Hoards sharply increase risk of fire, water and mold damage. 

Clean Scenes beats out the competition in experience and affordability. We service hoarding and clutter remediation in:

  • Houses

  • Storage Units

  • Vehicles 

  • Outdoor settings





Our payment process

A hoarding site may or may not be covered by homeowners' insurance or renters' insurance, we recommend contacting insurance provider to see if your damage is covered. If it is, we can work directly with your insurance adjuster to make the process as simple as possible. In some cases, depending on the scope of work the deductible may be waived.

The additional fees for hoarding jobs are as follows:
- $500/ton for dump runs
- Dumpsters start around ~$2000 for 5 tons (client may order these themselves if they wish)
Additional fees may apply for:
- Medical waste/needles
- Dead animals
- TVs
- Refrigerators/appliances
- Dehumidifiers
- Mattresses
- Excessively heavy/large items

Our daily rate of $4999 is charged daily in advance, and contracts our company for the day, you can hire us for as many days as you'd like and you're always welcome to request an estimate of days to completion of the project. Projects that take less than a day, or the final day of a project taking less than a full day of labor may be prorated or otherwise bid.

Non-house projects, such as vehicles and RV's/trailers may be simply bid to completion rather than charged a daily rate.

We recommend calling immediately, but the contact form is also available:

Thanks for submitting!

Our guarantees to you

-Painless insurance process.
-Negotiable deductible.
-Free estimate and evaluation.
-Highly experienced and professional crew.
-Prioritized discretion, unmarked vehicles.
-We beat our competition by substantial margins AND we outperform, we aren't a corporation or thinly extended big business that needs to cut corners. 

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